“To Tian-I Pharmaceutical, pharma manufacturing is more than a simple task, but a commitment to all consumers' health.”

In 1983, a group of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers established Tian-I Pharmaceutical. Three years after its establishment, the company passed the GMP audits, making it the first GMP certified pharmaceutical company in Taiwan. Over the years, we have been dedicated to making progress in pharma manufacturing technology while adopting traditional methods. By combining the traditional methods with modern pharma manufacturing technology, Tian-I Pharmaceutical is able to maximize the efficacy of each prescription.

Apart from striving for progress in our technology, we also focus on innovation and transformation. From the perspective of preventive healthcare, Tian-I Pharmaceutical has developed plenty of new Chinese medicine dietary supplements for the lifestyles of modern people, allowing consumers to harmonize their health in the easiest way. From raw ingredients to final products, all procedures are strictly supervised in order to make sure that every product of Tian-I Pharmaceutical is pure and harmless, so that consumers can have peace of mind.


Tian-I Pharmaceutical upholds the philosophy of “seeking the common good.” We are committed to manufacturing good products and presenting the “good” to people, and people will give good feedback in return. We also try to create a positive impact on more people by giving free medical consultations and participating in community events.